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Appearance as part of our corporate and brand culture

The Mercedes Benz Autohaus has a great significance due to its global presence for portraying brand values and the brand image.

These values and image are put across and emphasized through the architecture. Customers and staff experience the appearance as part our corporate and brand culture.

The architecture establishes the design and ambiance of all Mercedes-Benz sales formats with the aim of creating an identity that can be re-cognized across all formats. In doing so, it underlines the brand philosophy through

  • a timeless, classic design with local adaptations and stylistic identifying features
  • stylistic and technical competence
  • responsibility toward our customers, visitors and the environment
The Mercedes-Benz brand architecture lays down standards for flexible, individually designed formats. It intensionally avoids rigid outlet designs.
Mercedes-Benz Autohauses display the brand and our products in a characteristic manner: with product presentations, sales, servicing and shops representing the entire range of sales activities.

The Autohaus design concept places particular emphasis on the interpretation of the brand values in the design. It links multiformat features with individual aspects of the Autohaus design. The implementation of the multiformat brand values includes:

  • intentionally revealing the steel structures and technology to symbolize performance and technological awareness
  • transparency from the outside in and the choice of colors attract attention and create a pleasant impression
  • the understatetedness of the materials symbolizes self-control and farsighttedness
Autohaus-specific features underline the special character of the sales format:
  • The standard appearance thoroughout the entire Autohaus in all its functional areas is created with characteristic proportions and details, standard colors and matching materials.
  • The brand gallery in the Autohaus 2000 is a dominant, full height element in the facade, and draws people's attention to its multi-functional content.
  • Showrooms are emphasized and are highly transparent, symbolizing openness. Solid areas in the facade are used for reasons of functlon or proportion; they are only used to a very limited extent.
  • The functional areas of the Autohaus are less dominant than the showroom, but always form a harmonious part of the design.